SHINee Obsession Lyrics [Kor-Rom-Engsub]

[ 05 () (Obsession)]

Korean lyrics by Kim Jonghyun
Composed by John Ho, Sean Alexander, Jimmy Burney
Arranged by John Ho
*The Korean tile “욕” translates to “Curse”.
*The Chines title “慾” translates to “Want”

더 떨리는 두 손 곧 떨어질 초점
Deo tteollineun du son god tteoreojil chojeom
My hands tremble more. I’ll lose my focus shortly
고장난 내 다리 여기 왜 서있는지
Gojangnan nae dari yeogi wae seoitneunji
Why my broken legs standing here
기억조차 안나 무서워 지는 걸
Gieokjocha anna museoweo jineun geol
I can’t even remember, I become scared

방금까지 웃고있던 넌 어딨는지
Banggeumkkaji utgo itdeon neon eoditneunji
Where are you, who has laughing until just now
(Why) 장난같은 소리 날 떠나 버렸니 넌 저 멀리

(Why) jangnangateun sori nal tteona beoryeotni neon jeo meolli
(Why) Have fun noises left me? You’re far away
(Why) 희미해질까 족쇄같은 흉터
(Why) heemihaejilkka jokswae gateun hyungteo
(Why) Is it getting dim? These scars are like shackles
* 욕해 놓쳐버린 날 욕해

Yokhae noh chyeobeorin nal yokhae
Curse me, curse me for letting go
무너진 내 심장은 날 버리지마
Muneojin nae shimjangeun nal beorijima
My collapsed heart is screaming
날 혼자 두지마 외치고 있지만
Nal honja dujima wichigo itjiman
Don’t throw me away, don’t leave me alone
널 원해 미친 듯 난 널 원해
Neol weonhae michin deut nan neol weonhae
Want you, I want you like crazy
날 떠난 네 입술은 사랑하지마
Nal tteonan ne ibsureun saranghajima
Your lips that left me shouldn’t love
날 사랑하지마 널 버린 거잖아
Nal saranghajima neol beorin geojanha
Don’t love me, I threw you away
단지 끝없는 사랑 주고 싶었던 것뿐

Danji kkeut eobneun sarang jugo shipheotdeon geotppun
All I wanted was simply to give you an endless love
더 넘친 사랑이 그댈 졸을 줄이야
Deo neomchin sarangi geudael joreul juriya
I had no idea that more excessive love would strangle you
상처난 가슴에 찢겨진 나날들
Sangcheonan gamseume jjitgyeojin nanaldeul
Those days when I was torn from my wounded heart
길 잃은 사랑, 눈물 턱까지 차올라
Gil irheun sarang, nunmul theogkkaji chaolla
A love that lost its way, I fill up with tears
(Why) 아직도 내 안에 슬픈 안녕만 건내는 건지

(why) ajikdo nae ane seulpheun annyeongman geonnaeneun geonji
(Why) Is it that I still only bring out sad hellos
(Why) 오늘까지만 날 밀쳐내지마
(Why) oneulkkajiman nal mirchyeonaejima
(Why) Just until today, don’t push me away


너 제발 눈치 채 주길

Neo jebal nunchi chae jugil
I hope that you’ll catch on
난 또 다른 너인 걸
Nan tto dareun neoin geol
That I’m a different you
네 어젯밤의 악몽까지 감싸 안아
Ne eojetbameui akmongkkaji kamssa ana
I even embrace your. Nightmare from last night
손을 놓지 마
Soneul nohji ma
Don’t let go of my hand


곁에 차가워진 네 곁에

Gyeote chagaweojin ne gyeote
Your side, your side that has become cold
찢겨진 내 가슴은 날 떠나지마
Jjitgyeojin nae gaseumeun nal tteonajima
Don’t leave me, my torn heart. Don’t become even further away
더 멀어지지마 네 손을 잡지만
Deo meoreojijima ne soneul jabjiman
Although I’m holding your hand
기억해 끝내 널 잊지 못해
Gieokhae kkeutnae neo itji mothae
Remember, end it, I can’t forget you
버 려진 내 아픔도 난 잊지 않아
Beo ryeojin nae apheumdo nan itji anha
I won’t forget my pain of being thrown away
잊을 수 없잖아 네가 준 거잖아
Ijeul su eobjanha nega jun geojanha
I can’t forget it, you gave it to me
사랑한다는 이유조차 죄가 됐지

Saranghandaneun iyujocha jweiga dwaetji
Even the reason I love became a sin
깊은 상쳐들은 타 들어가 재가 됐지
Gipheun sangchyeodeureun tha deureoga jaega dwaetji
The deep wounds slowly. Burnt up and turned to ash
하지만 잃는 것보다 잊는 것이 더 아파올 뿐
Hajiman irhneun geotboda itneun geoshi deo aphaol ppun
But to forget will be more painful than to lose it
숨죽이며 이별의 고통에 서서히 난 죽어갈 뿐
Sum jokimyeo ibyeoreui gothonge seoseohi nan jukeogal ppun
As I kill my breath, I’m going to die. From the agony of goodbye
그 순간으로 bring it back
Geu sundanero bring it back
Bring it back to that moment

날 버리지마
Nal beorijima
Don’t throw me away

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14 Responses

  1. Hi I m looking for the Korean Lyrics for the song “Anak” (Child) n also do u have the mp3 dl for the song “Memory” with lyrics too.
    If possible if there are any good oldies like “Greensleeves” n any other list of nice popular old songs in Korean with lyrics do please send to me.
    Thanks in advance

    • hi lucilla^^. thanks for your comment. umm.. do you mean, are you was searching some korean children songs? the reader who reads this blog from indonesian give me request to search some korean children songs, too. but, I had a problem.

      in many site of korean, almost haven’t. so, I was requested for my sister in korea to looking for that some songs.

      I’ll posting it as soon as possible. so, don’t tired to wait it.^^

  2. This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding🙂

  3. Hi,
    *The Korean tile “욕” translates to “Curse”.
    *The Chines title “慾” translates to “Want”
    Can you please tell me who sing the Korean version and the Chinese version so that I can find the song and listen to it?

    • *The Korean tile “욕” translates to “Curse”.
      *The Chines title “慾” translates to “Want”

      in my opinion, there is no Chinese version of the song. it’s because these songs are sung only Jonghyun. Two sentences above may be just simply describe. I will look for more news about this song. whether or not the Chinese version~

      for now, that I know there’s only Korean version. and the singer is only Jonghyun~*^^*

      • theres no chinese version.
        Korean sometimes can be written in chinese characters(:

      • Actually, all members of SHINee sing in this song. Jonghyun is not the only one. His voice is just much more powerful than the rest of the members.^^

  4. Hi I would like to share this with you..
    When you opened this link, You could see
    ACCURATE TRANSLATIONS! (Others are wrong) Obession from SHINee’s second album Lucifer with english subtitles. Thank you SFI. The Korean tile “욕 …
    So “욕” should be translated as “Obession”.
    You can also watch the MV and in HD too.
    From here you can listen in English

    And from here

    you can listen/watch in HQ (HD)
    Happy listening and enjoy!

    • I don’t know if there’s a wrong word in English translation..
      because, I take this lyric from SFI.

      so, thank you so much for sharing~*^^*
      I’ve been watch it.

  5. gamsahamnida kyuma eonnie😀
    Minho go Minho!!

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  7. verry romantic this melody .lovee shinee !!!!! JONGHYUN

  8. I don’t know why ,but this reminds me of when my dad left.I was a baby and didn’t understand much but when I got older I blamed myself for him leaving.He killed me inside and I also killed myself(in my mind) because the pain was too much to bear.I took it out on myself and my body and started cutting myself…deeply both on my wrists and in my mental state.Ofcourse now I don’t do that.Ever since I discovered SHINee,I’ve stopped and seem to be happier.Whenever I get the urge to cut,I listen to them and the dreaded surpressed feeling eventually goes away. Saranghaeyo SHINee.SHINee fighting!!!!

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