[Me2Day] SHINee Onew update his own account with his activity 11/06/10

Originally:방금 녹음 끝!! 이건 종현이가 들어가서 녹음하고 있는 녹음실~ 저는 오늘도 열심히 녹음하고 <야행성> 녹화 하러 갑니다~^^

English: Recording finished! this is jonghyun’s turn to record ~ today i will also do a hardwork <yahaengsong> i will do the video recording~^^

Indonesian: Rekaman selesai! ini giliran Jonghyun untuk rekaman ~ hari ini aku juga akan bekerja keras <yahaengsong> aku akan melakukan rekaman video~^^

credit and source me2day.net/shinee_onew
translation by phebiyoreum

credit 2nd : minho-lic@koreanpopstars.wp.com

shared by: kyuma@sujulovable.wp.com

please take out with full credits~!! *gomawo*

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