[Me2Day] SHINee Onew update 21/05/10

Originally: 드림콘썰 리허설 끝나고 야행성으로 가요~ 오늘 번개도 모두 다함께~아자자 코리아!

English: Finished the Dream Concert rehearsal and going to ‘Night Star’~ Today’s chat together with everyone~Ajaja Korea!

Indonesian: Selesai latihan untuk Dream Concert dan pergi untuk ‘Night Star’~ Hari ini berbicara dengan setiap orang~Ajaja Korea!


Originally: ㅋㅋ 다시 그럼 <야행성>녹화 열심히 하고 올게용ㅎㅎ…!

English: ㅋㅋThen I’ll work hard and comeback again to ‘Night Star’ recording ㅎㅎ..!

Indonesian: ㅋㅋKemudian aku akan bekerja keras dan kembali lagi ke pengambilan gambar ‘Night Star’ ㅎㅎ..!

source me2day.net/shinee_onew
translation Joodit
credit weareshining (WRS)

credit 2nd: minho-lic@koreanpopstars.wp.com

shared by: kyuma@sujulovable.wp.com

please take out with full credits~!! *gomawo*

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