[Me2DAY] SHINee Onew + Key update 100520

Original : [온유] 좋은 날씨네요~^^ 뒤에 아저씨는 서비스 ㅋ

English: [Onew] Great weather~^^ Behind me is ahjushi service ㅋ

translate: [Onew] cuaca yg bagus~^^ dibelakangku adalah paman yg mengantar ㅋ

Original : [Key] 키투데이!!오늘의 투데이!! 이야?공기너무좋다는 ㅠㅠ 오늘의 충전은 공원에서!!!

English: [Key] Key2DAY!! Today?s 2DAY!! Ahh?the air is so good ㅠㅠ Today?s shots are at the park!!!

Translate: [Key] Key2DAY!! hari ini 2DAY!! ahh? udaranya sangat baik ㅠㅠ hari ini menembak ditaman!!!

credits + english translated + indo trans by: aa-chan , kyuma@DATeforsuju+sujulovable| shared by: mrs.key @ sfi, kyuma@DATEforsuju+SujuLovable

please take out with full credits!! *gomapseumnida~**

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